• We partner with four churches and a pregnancy center which comprise All Nations Ministries. Sharing a single facility, we seek to serve the community.

    All Nations Ministries include:

      • New Life Fellowship
        An English-speaking church that has an adult Bible class at 8am on Sunday mornings, followed by a worship service at 9:30am. Children’s church is offered during the worship service for kids 3-8 years old. For more information contact them at 303-934-5696.


      • Iglesia Vida Abundante
        A Spanish-speaking church that has Sunday School classes at 9:30am on Sunday mornings, followed by a worship service at 11am. For more information contact them at 303-936-0063.


      • Vietnamese New Life Fellowship
        A Vietnamese-speaking church that has Sunday services and activities at 3pm on Sunday afternoons. For more information contact them at 720-352-5191


      • Voice of God Tabernacle
        A French speaking church. For more information please contact New Life Fellowship at 303-934-5696


  • CHPC is a center committed to empowering women facing a crisis pregnancy, enabling them to make positive life choices for themselves and their unborn babies. All services are confidential. They are open afternoons Monday–Thursday, 2-4pm.

    For information and appointments call 303-916-4522.

  • We have Boy Scouts once a week during the school year and throughout the summer.  It gives our young men an opportunity to invest in themselves thru the scouting program.  To learn what it means to be a reliable, responsible citizen under God.

  • This ministry partner connects urban and suburban churches by matching your group’s talents, desires and DNA to an inner city or Native American ministry. You will live, work and worship in one of America’s at-risk neighborhoods while under the supervision and care of ministry staff that know the area and the culture. We have several groups from all over the country who come, during spring or fall breaks, and the summer, to help serve at Crossroads and in turn be changed by the wonder of front-line ministry to those who need the love, acceptance and forgiveness of Jesus.

    Check them out at www.cityconnexx.org.

  • Crossroads is a part of the faith-based coalition formed by Live Well Westwood, whose mission it is to change the plight of childhood obesity in the Westwood neighborhood. We work with Live Well Westwood and other coalition members providing education, nutrition, exercise, and encouragement to children and youth to eat right, sleep well, and exercise more for a happy and healthy life.

    For more information check them out at www.livewellcolorado.org (Westwood).