WHIZ Kids is an after-school tutoring program that is run by volunteers who coordinate tutors and students in a one-on-one setting to facilitate the student accomplishments of becoming proficient at their grade level in all their subjects. In conjunction with the Denver Public Schools, students are selected by their teachers to be in the program. A Denver Public Schools teacher is selected to be on site during the tutoring time. All tutors are registered and screened by WHIZ Kids, and then are assigned a student.

At Crossroads we have two sessions; one for middle school students and one for elementary students. Both meet on Monday evenings during the school year, from October through April. Tutors commitment is for a full school year or can be renewed as long as the student stays in the program.

For more information about the WHIZ kids program or to get involved specifically at Crossroads, please contact WHIZ Kids at 303-504-9449 or  Mekayla Schock at 303-887-7138